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Free Chinese 圣诞 Songs to Spice Up 的Holidays



Free Chinese 圣诞 Songs to Spice Up 的Holidays

Chinese 圣诞 Songs with Santa

It’s 圣诞time again, and time to remind everyone that 中国剪接still has some awesome familiar 圣诞 songs 用中文(表达。今年我’m posting a selection of 的MP3文件 在线进入 可流式 格式,所以请确保您’re viewing 的original post on 中国剪接.com if you’d like to play 的songs without having to 下载 everything.

行, 在这里,我们…

铃儿响叮当 用中文(表达

This is version 1 from 的album (Mandarin Chinese):

铃儿响叮当 (1)

铃儿响叮当 in Hakka (Hokkien) Dialect

This song is not part of 的album because it is NOT 中文普通话。它’s Hakka。 (对于大多数学生来说,这将是非常有限的用途;它’对我们大多数人来说只是一种新颖。)

Hakka 铃儿响叮当

圣诞老人来到小镇 用中文(表达

这是一个孩子’ version, version 2, also from 的album (Mandarin Chinese):


我们祝你圣诞快乐 用中文(表达



平安夜 用中文(表达

This one is a Christian classic, of course, version 2 from 的album (Mandarin Chinese):


!先驱天使唱歌 用中文(表达



Download 圣诞 Songs (zipfile)


The 中国剪接Chinese 圣诞 Song Album (〜40 MB)
+ 歌词PDF (1.2 MB)

免责声明: 我不’t own 的rights to these songs, but no one has minded this form of digital distribution (in 的name of education) since 2006, so… Merry 圣诞?


  1. 铃儿响叮当
  2. 我们祝你圣诞快乐
  3. 圣诞老人来到小镇
  4. 平安夜
  5. 第一诺埃尔
  6. !先驱天使唱歌
  7. 这是一个什么样的孩子
  8. Joy to 的World
  9. 它来了一个午夜晴
  10. 铃儿响叮当
  11. 圣诞老人来到小镇
  12. 平安夜
  13. Joy to 的World

Merry 圣诞 everybody… 圣诞快乐!

当我们’re on 的subject of 圣诞 and Chinese, 全集学习 (my company) is doing a 特价 跟我们 一对一在线中文课 。 3堂课(每堂课一个小时)非常适合尝试或赠送给亲人!



Merry 圣诞 from Tampa

只是我在佛罗里达的家庭度假的简短记录… Merry 圣诞! (圣诞 songs 用中文(表达 here, 对于anyone still looking.)

这个月我很忙 普通话同伴‘s new 2级中文分级阅读器 适应 寄予厚望, 但它’现在以电子书格式分为两部分: Part 1Part 2. These two parts, put together, probably make up 的absolute longest cohesive low-level Chinese 读 experience you can find. We’在谈论一个故事,将近30,000个字符。 (作为参考,我们最长的1级故事只有大约12,000个字符。)

Combined with finalizing 的standards 对于的new higher level graded readers, that amounted to a loooong 编辑过程。一世’改天再说。

现在,我只是在享受佛罗里达’s smog-free winter weather while I deal with 2 jet lagged little ones. (Of course I was still able to get away to see 的new Star Wars movie.)

Lots planned 对于2016!



上海’s 圣诞 Tourists


This year I attended 的8pm 圣诞 Eve mass at 的St. Ignatius cathedral in Xujiahui, 上海. It reminded me why I normally don’t go to 圣诞 Eve masses in 中国. In short, it’s a zoo.

The reason is that 圣诞 Eve has become a popular holiday in 上海, although it’s mainly a date holiday. Traffic was horrible that evening, as couples all went out in search of a romantic winter evening. Many of them went to churches out of curiosity, to see how 圣诞 is celebrated there.

我想“Christmas tourists”在天主教会上受伤的事有点无聊。是的,那里’s a choir singing 圣诞 音乐, but it’s still a Catholic mass, and not a 圣诞 program. (As I understand it, some other denominations do special 圣诞 programs to cater to 的seasonal tourists.)

For 的Catholic Church, it’s certainly a mixed blessing. On 的one hand, 的church has a rare opportunity to proselytize to a captive audience actively seeking out what it has to offer. (Christian churches are 不允许 在中国积极传福音,如果’s done at all, it’s normally done quite subtly.) On 的other hand, 的Catholic Church is there 对于的faithful, and 的圣诞 tourists really are a bit of an obstacle to normal worship.

Some examples of how 的圣诞 tourist disrupt 的mass:

– The tourists wander all throughout 的church throughout 的mass, often talking in loud voices
– The tourists take photos (with flash) and video all throughout 的mass, often holding 的device up high, distracting everyone
– The tourists take up good 座位s in a standing-room-only situation, but then try to leave 的packed church after 20 minutes when they get bored
– The tourists outnumber 的believers, so 的priest tends to direct 的sermon at them, capitalizing on 的opportunity
–游客试图接收 圣餐,即使牧师耐心而礼貌地解释说’不适合访客,要求牧师和圣体大臣对看起来可疑的圣餐线中的任何人进行小讯问(他们’非常擅长发现伪造者!)

It’是最让我困扰的最后一个。在中国’严重缺乏对宗教的尊重。这不应该’给中国一个惊喜’s history, but it’以这种方式呈现事实相当令人震惊。这也让我反思现代外国人’在佛教寺庙中的行为(我们有多糟糕?),但老实说我可以’想不到我有什么 ’我曾经见过这样的感觉,就像被特别要求不要接受圣餐之后,’s native tongue).

这里’s one tourist’s account (来自微博),它提供了一个不错的(更受人尊敬的)视角:

> 奔波的一天最终归于平静~第二个教堂平安夜,徐家汇天主教堂真的很美,典型的哥特建筑,宏伟壮观,空灵的圣歌,神圣的仪式…就是人太多,挤死了~信仰果真是一种强大的力量。跟着做弥撒时神父在我头上点了几下,没有给我圣体吃,而那些基督徒们在咀嚼圣体时怀着怎样一颗敬畏感动的心~安~


> A busy day eventually ended peacefully… My second 圣诞 Eve at a church. The Xujiahui Catholic Church is really beautiful, with classic gothic architecture, really magnificent, lovely hymns, and a holy ceremony… But there were just too many people; it was super crowded. Faith is indeed a powerful force. Following along in 的mass, 的priest nodded at me several times, but didn’t give me 的Eucharist to eat. But those Christians chewing on 的Eucharist were filled with some kind of reverent emotion. Peace.

I assume 的priest “nodding” at her was him giving her a blessing. Any non-Catholic can go up in 的Communion line and get a blessing, but they’应该跨过双臂以表示他们’re not there to receive 的Eucharist.

无论如何,经验教训… next year I won’t be going on 圣诞 Eve again!




新浪快速搜索’s Weibo 今天透露,圣诞老人(圣诞老人) uses 的service, and his identity has even been verified (那’s what 的“V” stands for: 新浪认证, 要么“Sina Verified”).


But actually, a little bit more 读 reveals that 的account is used 对于圣诞 promotions by Sina itself:

> 新浪微博圣诞节活动

该账户 不过实际上是一岁那里’s another one 对于2011,总部设在广州而不是北京(??)。

嗯,在北京时,这是否构成对身份验证系统的滥用 据称镇压 在不是’与真实的人有明显的联系吗?一世’确保圣诞老人很生气。

Anyway, merry 圣诞! 圣诞快乐!



Chinese Lyrics (with Pinyin) 对于圣诞 Songs

圣诞 songs 用中文(表达

中国剪接’s 圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达 每年大约这段时间一直很流行,最常见的评论之一就是,“可以提供拼音歌词吗?” 好吧’实际上,组装所有(正确的)歌词需要做很多工作,这就是为什么我没有’以前做过。但是,今年我决定利用其中的一些 全集学习‘s resources and finally make it happen. (They may not be perfect though, as some songs were manually transcribed, and 的audio was a little unclear. So if you catch any errors, please leave a comment, and we’ll update ASAP.)

So 对于的MP3 audio, go to 的original 圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达 post. For 的lyrics (simplified characters and pinyin), 下载 here:

圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达 lyrics (包含PDF的1.2 MB ZIP文件)

Note: Some of these songs (especially 的religious ones) 没有简单的歌词! 在尝试使用其中一些歌曲作为学习资料之前,请三思。

Merry 圣诞!



Chinese 圣诞 Videos, Chinese 圣诞 Songs

好吧’s that time of year again. People are looking 对于圣诞 songs. I try to add a little to my collection every year. This year I’ve got a couple new videos at 的bottom.

Classic 圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达

Enjoy this 中国剪接圣诞 音乐 content from 的archive: The 中国剪接Chinese 圣诞 Song Album (〜40 MB)

preparing 对于shanghai christmas 2/12/6


1. 铃儿响叮当
2. 我们祝你圣诞快乐
8. Joy to 的World
10. 铃儿响叮当
13. Joy to 的World

[The sharper among you may have noticed that some of 的songs towards 的end repeat. That’s because there are multiple versions of some of 的same songs. See also 的2006年的原始博客文章, 要么下载 的songs individually, 对于a limited time.]

Other 圣诞 Fun:

Ding Ding 唐 g (热闹的客家版 MP3)

圣诞 Classics in Cantonese (the song link is still good, but 的Flash links below are mostly dead now)

The 圣诞 Story 用中文(表达 (#005 and #006 in 的新约)

Chinese 圣诞 Videos:

好,这个太荒谬了,我不得不分享。如果您放置经典90,会发生什么’的视频游戏,东方与西方, 种族牙膏, and strong homosexual overtones into one little 圣诞-themed Chinese commercial?


Finally, I leave you with dancing 中国圣诞老人s. 唐 ’t thank me yet… [优酷链接]:



Classic Chinese 圣诞 Song Links

Every year around 圣诞time, my “圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达”2006年的博客文章采取了很多行动。一世’ve been seeing a lot of requests there 对于lyrics, and I tried to help out with that, but I found 的Chinese versions of these 圣诞 songs’歌词出奇地难以追踪。如果有人可以提供这些歌词的链接,许多人将不胜感激。

Anyway, you may enjoy these 中国剪接圣诞 音乐 posts from 的archive:

圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达 (13 MP3s)

Ding Ding 唐 g (热闹的客家版 MP3)

圣诞 Classics in Cantonese (the song link is still good, but 的Flash links below are mostly dead now)

The 圣诞 Story 用中文(表达 (#005 and #006 in 的新约)

摄影者 爆眼 在Flickr上

Merry 圣诞!



Eggnog in 中国: You're on Your Own


在上海,我们的外国人通常依靠家乐福(法国超市连锁店)和City Shop(以前为City Supermarket)来满足我们在卫生方面的进口食品移民需求。但是由于某种原因,它们都没有蛋酒。

今年,当我抱怨 JP about 的lack of eggnog, he suggested I make my own. I considered 的idea, but 的whole “raw egg” and “China”方面使我害怕。然后他给我发了一个 recipe 对于eggnog. I had extra time on 圣诞 Eve, and I ended up making my own eggnog 对于a little 圣诞 party. It tasted OK, and no one got sick. Sounds like 成功 to me!

Of course, I had to modify 的eggnog. 这里 I’m going to post my “eggnog hack.” Originally 的eggnog called for:

> 4 egg yolks
1 cup 重 cream

Of these ingredients, I skipped 的cream and substituted rum 对于bourbon. I was able to get nutmeg at Carrefour, albeit un-freshly grated (it’s called 肉豆蔻). I found this part of 的recipe amusing:

> To reduce this risk, we recommend you use only fresh, properly-refrigerated, clean, grade A or AA eggs with intact shells, and avoid contact between 的yolks or whites and 的shell.

Avoid contact with 的shell? The eggs come in 的shell! 好我知道 see… 的outside of 的shell. To be extra safe I even washed my eggs just in case there was some accidental contact.

Now onto 的preparation side. 这里 in 中国, 我不’自己没有搅拌机或打蛋器。 (好的,想一想,我’ve never owned a mixer or a whisk.) That seems problematic when you get to 的part of 的recipe that tells you to do this:

> Place 的egg whites in 的bowl of a stand mixer and beat to 软峰. With 的mixer still running gradually add 的1 tablespoon of sugar and beat until stiff peaks form. Whisk 的egg whites into 的mixture. Chill and serve.

我没有’t know what “soft peaks” were, and 我没有’t have a mixer, so I just beat 的eggs 对于a while with a fork. It still turned into eggnog in 的end.




Chinese Characters 对于圣诞

“Christmas”中文当然是 圣诞节, but in 的spirit of my previous 角色创作, 一世’ve created two new single 意思是“Christmas.”

中国剪接圣诞 Characters

字符注释: some radicals in 的creations above were chosen 对于semantic reasons, but many elements were chosen 对于purely visual purposes. In some cases I purposely shunned a more obvious option (such as 对于“tree” or 对于“star”) because they didn’t have 的visual effect I wanted. 在里面 case of , it not only looks more like a traditional 星-shape than , 但它 has Biblical meaning as well.

Other 圣诞 fun on 中国剪接:

Chinese 圣诞 Song Album [直接下载]
Ding Ding 唐 g: Hakka 铃儿响叮当 [直接下载]
圣诞 Classics in Cantonese
All 圣诞 posts

Have a very merry 圣诞, everyone!




所以我’这些天,我忙于做一个实验(我讨厌人类!),工作,现在甚至 圣诞. 所以我 decided to just throw up a link.

我发现这本有趣的在线图书: 台湾如何成为中国人.

有人读过吗?有什么好处吗标题上有些宣传,但我’m willing to eat a little propaganda every now and then in 的name of good education…



圣诞 Songs 用中文(表达

圣诞 songs 用中文(表达

好我知道’ll admit it. I like some 圣诞 songs. Not so much “Rudolph 的Red-Nosed Reindeer” as some of 的more traditional ones. 所以我 get a kick out of hearing these songs sung 用中文(表达. Thinking that some of you may feel 的same way (you all seemed to really enjoy 的Hakka 铃儿响叮当 歌曲),我决定整理一张专辑 Chinese 圣诞 音乐.

这张专辑包含世俗的孩子’ classics like “Jingle Bells”以及宗教经典“What Child is This.”有些歌曲听起来像是由教堂合唱团演唱的,而另一些则更有趣。一些歌曲’音质不错,而其他’非常低。旋律是熟悉的,但歌词是 全部用中文. Oh, yes. You need this to make your 圣诞 complete.

The 中国剪接Chinese 圣诞 Song Album (〜40 MB)

1. 铃儿响叮当
2. 我们祝你圣诞快乐
8. Joy to 的World
10. 铃儿响叮当
13. Joy to 的World

[The sharper among you may have noticed that some of 的songs towards 的end repeat. That’s because there are multiple versions of some of 的same songs.]

I’我有点失望’找不到中文版本的 “我们东方的三位国王” “小鼓手男孩,” or “上帝安息,先生们,”但我想这些会做到的。

Merry 圣诞.

更新: 歌曲歌词现在可用 (简体中文+拼音,PDF格式)

所有歌曲都经过收集 百度MP3搜索。 ID3标记完成 MP3tag。音频归一化和编辑完成 大胆.



圣诞 Classics in Cantonese

大约一年前,我提出了 Hakka version of 铃儿响叮当和a lot of people enjoyed it. I thought this year I’d share another Chinese take on 的圣诞 classics. This time it’s a band called Cookies (曲奇 )用广东话唱歌(所以对我来说,听起来几乎和客家歌一样奇怪)。在您进入Canto-pop之前,您必须先听一听,但在1:26时他们开始唱歌,“圣诞老人来到小镇,”紧随其后“Jingle Bells,” then “Joy to 的World,” “!先驱天使会唱歌,” “Deck 的Halls,” “忠实地来,” “Silent Night,” and finally “我们祝你圣诞快乐” (don’当他们仅在后两年短暂地使用英语时,不要惊慌。这一切给Canto-pop带来了一种非常怪异的活动过度感觉。

You can find and 下载 的song easily through Baidu; just follow 这个曲奇圣诞歌搜索链接, then either click on one of 的试听 (“listen first”) links, or click on one of 的song titles and then 下载 的song from 的MP3 link on 的new page.

当我’m at it, I thought I’d throw in some Chinese 圣诞 flash fun as well. Check out these links (also found through Baidu):

–圣诞老人和有雪猪的滑雪外星人有什么共同点?看这个 “圣诞老人的起源” cartoon 找出答案。
Chinese 铃儿响叮当 Rap。纳夫说。
圣诞结 (那’s someone else’s pun, not my 错别字), 的most depressing 圣诞 song ever. It has lyrics like, “of all 的people I’ve loved / not a single one is left by my side / only loneliness keeps me company throughout 的night / Merry, Merry 圣诞 / Lonely, Lonely 圣诞.” On this joyous holiday, this is a great song to remind you how miserable it makes some people. (Note that 对于many modern Chinese, 圣诞 is seen as a day to be with a boyfriend/girlfriend).
用雪球打圣诞老人。这个游戏不好玩,它’s just hilarious to me because 的animation is so awful and 的“music” has about a 3 second loop. Well, that and 的fact that you get presents out of Santa by knocking him silly with snowballs.

Merry 圣诞!



More 圣诞 Than You

最近,我架起了女朋友去年买的人造圣诞树。当我在上面放上圣诞灯时,我发现其中一根电线已与配电箱断开连接。我可能不会’t be able to 固定 it without a soldering iron. Since 我没有’我没有时间去买新的圣诞灯,我只是离开了树木。

第二天我的 ayi came over and I pointed out 的圣诞 树 to her. I thought maybe she hadn’t seen a 圣诞 树 in someone’以前的家。她善意地告诫我,它太裸了,我应该得到更多的装饰品和灯光来适当地装饰它。我只是微笑着并同意她的看法。



On Wednesday I went to a party 对于的Chinese department teachers of ECNU。 (一世’ve been teaching them English at their request, and it seemed like a good excuse 对于a party). The party was held in 的nice home of one of 的teachers. She had a real 圣诞 树! It was 的planted kind, and it was decorated in a simple but nice European style.

I had wanted to buy eggnog to share at 的party, and I was pretty sure it could be bought at City Supermarket, but it turned out that City Supermarket had no holiday foods at all. Same goes 对于久光, 的supermarket near Jing’日本主要进口寺庙的寺庙。两个超市都 完全装饰 in 圣诞 decorations, but neither contained a single 圣诞-themed food or drink item. Even Starbucks, with its overpriced (158 RMB, I think?) gingerbread house had more to offer. So instead of eggnog I took a 瓶贝利’s I had been saving 对于a special occasion.

The party was briefly educational because I brought 的mini Nativity scene that my parents gave me about two years ago. I explained who each figure was, and they all got a kick out of 的cute little figurines.

X'mas at Plaza 66

via 上海Streets

似乎上海的百货商店每年的圣诞节装饰品越来越丰富。事情真的越来越大了。 66号广场(位于南京路的一家购物中心)甚至设置了圣诞节摩天轮。每“seat”是一个拿着一些价格过高的袋子或其他物品的箱子,整个东西慢慢地转过身来,在购物中心里炫耀’昂贵的产品。

我想也许’s because of all 的over-the-top decorations everywhere that I am very content this year with an under-decorated 树 and a very simple 圣诞 celebration.

Anyway, Merry 圣诞!



圣诞 Mutated


> A: 约翰,您星期六有活动。

> J: 这个周六? 25号?

> A: Right.

> J: 我可以’t. It’s 圣诞.

> A: 为什么可以’t you?

> J: It’s 圣诞. I have 圣诞 things to do.

> A: It’s just 对于an hour.

> J: 不,它’s 圣诞.

> A: 好我知道’ll tell them.


> V: 约翰,我知道了’s 圣诞, but can you please 星期六工作吗?

> J: No.

> V: 来吧’s just 对于an hour…

> J: 唐 ’t you see something wrong with me giving up my own time on 圣诞 to teach little Chinese kids about why 圣诞 is important to Westerners?

> V: Ummm…

> J: 所以我 won’t do it.

> V: But 的company has already agreed to do it, and 的kindergarten has already notified all 的parents. Neither side can cancel it now without a big loss of face!

> J: 好吧,那没有’t change 的fact that it’s still 圣诞. My answer is no.

他们 ended up finding someone else to do it.

圣诞 Eve

我确实没有具体的计划。我和我的女朋友出去跟卡尔和其中一个卡尔一起吃饭’s Chinese friends. We all dressed up a little, and 的restuarant was nice. We ate stuff Chinese people like to eat such as crab. It was good.

晚餐后卡尔’s friend, like many young Chinese people, it seems, wanted to celebrate 圣诞 Eve partying at a bar. Since no one had a better idea, we headed to Hengshan Lu, 上海’s nice bar street. 真是错 It seemed like all 的young people in 的city had 的same idea. Bars that usually charged no cover were charging cover. Bars that usually charged cover were doubling or tripling it. And yet, 的bars were packed。我和我的女友决定回家。我们把卡尔和他的朋友留给了他们自己的追求。

Being in 中国 对于的holidays creates a lot of weird feelings in me that are hard to put into words. That night, though, my feelings were clear. To me, 圣诞 Eve is not a time to be living it up at bars. It’一个宁静的夜晚,意在与亲人共度时光。

回到我安静的公寓,坐在精心组装的可爱的假小圣诞树的光芒下,我开始感觉好些。但是我仍然可以感受到一种压力。这与我的公司要我从事圣诞节教学有关的圣诞节有关,在圣诞节前夕,一群年轻的中国人在酒吧里与无处不在有关 圣诞 decorations 似乎太努力了— and 对于what?


圣诞 Day


I’我不想写像“I went to church and found 的true meaning of 圣诞.” That’s not it. It’s more like, “的‘Christmas’ around me, being constantly shoved in my face, bore only a superficial resemblance to 的圣诞 I knew, and what lay underneath it all was scary. Getting to church confirmed that what I knew was real, and I wasn’t 的one who was losing it.

After that, 圣诞 was more fun. We were having some friends over to 的new apartment. I just happened to find 骑士骑士– Season One 从那天下午从地铁上的一个小贩到杂货店的路上,所以我把它捡了起来。我发明了非常简单的“骑士骑士饮酒游戏”(任何人说“Michael,”您喝酒),然后我们播放了长达2小时的超长飞行员“episode.” We had Papa John’的披萨送达。我们玩了 金字塔饮酒游戏。然后,当我们都很高兴的时候,我们玩了 吃屎你猫. Yes, it sounds lame, and there were definitely skeptics at 的party before it got going, but 的game won everyone over pretty quickly and we were laughing so much it hurt.

It was a weird 圣诞. But it was happy.



Ding Ding 唐 g

The name of 的圣诞 song “Jingle Bells” is 圣诞铃声 (就像是“Christmas Bells”) 用中文(表达. But 的famous English refrain “铃儿响叮当,铃儿响叮当” 用中文(表达 is 的onomatopoeic “叮叮当,叮叮当,” which sounds like “叮叮, 叮叮”到西方人的耳朵。它没有’听起来根本不像雪橇铃在我们身边响,听起来真的很有趣(或者也许像门铃)。以我的经验,每个学习这些中文歌词的西方人都会笑出声来。

我试图找到的中文版本“Jingle Bells” using 百度MP3搜索。我看到的只是一个我最初认为是广东话的版本,但是两个说广东话的朋友说这不是’t。克制绝对听起来像“ding ding dong”虽然。我的猜测是’s Vietnamese. Can anyone identify 的language?


Asian 铃儿响叮当 (1.2MB MP3文件,64kbps)

I was able to find 的Mandarin “Jingle Bells”歌词,但他们显然不’与该MP3匹配。如果你’re interested in 的Mandarin version, continue 读 below.

Merry 圣诞!





It’很难相信,去年的这个时候我正去佛罗里达州一次令人惊讶的访问。在去年圣诞节之前,我已经连续两次在中国去过圣诞节。但是今年我觉得与这件事更加离婚“Christmas” thing than ever before. This year 圣诞 is just that Western holiday between 的HSK and my move to 上海.

说到HSK,我想我做了“OK.” I think I’介于7到8之间的边界线。也许期望一个学期能学到足够的词汇量,而当我不学习时获得8’根本不会读中文文学。无论如何,我’我对此没有寄予太大的希望8。

So now I have that huge HSK weight off my shoulders, and a whole three days between today and 圣诞. But I have to give my students final exams those three days.

在ZUCC,我们有一个相当不错的外籍教师社区,但我不知道’认为没有任何年轻人以圣诞节的方式庆祝圣诞节。没有圣诞树,没有圣诞灯,没有圣诞歌曲,没有礼物交换。那里’肯定没有蛋酒。那里’即使在杭州也有圣诞节,但事实并非如此’t feel 的same.

我什至可能会在圣诞节那天跑到上海去那里检查我的新公寓*。我的女友’s mom is awesome —她以惊人的价格找到了我的杀手pad(她还为我编织了一个凉爽的帽子)。但是我必须赶紧检查一下以完成交易。碰巧的是,圣诞节也恰好是我女友不在的几天’t working. 以便’s that.


I guess to me, 圣诞 is something that happens at home. And when it happens at home and I’我实际上在那里,就像去年一样’s just all 的more special.

So does 的fact that I’m fine with there being no 圣诞 对于me here in 中国 mean I’我更适应中国了吗?这是否意味着中国真的成为我的第二故乡?还是我变得毫无生气了?

我想我不会在这些问题上停留太长时间,’ll just go get me an apartment in 上海. Merry 圣诞.

*哦,是的,我在上海做得很好—稍后再讨论。这个帖子应该有点“heavy” and “introspective.”这里没有好消息的余地!





好吧’s 2am and I’米包装回中国。我于上午8:20离开。我没有’我打算做一个通宵的夜宵(这可以帮助我在飞机上睡觉),但是后来我被行李luggage了 —我的好,坚固,非常大的带轮手提箱。拉链破了!我修好了。的“fix”涉及超级胶水。是的,在拉链上。所以我’我等着变干才真正成为 完了 填料。

This was a great trip home, though. Nothing makes one appreciate being home with 的whole family 对于圣诞 like not being home 对于圣诞 在几年里。我想我’m going to be back home in 的U.S. next year, too, because my friend Dan 将于2004年1月上旬结婚。

但是我知道,只要我的生命在中国,’回家太久有点不舒服。是的,我喜欢见家人。是的,我喜欢见所有我的老朋友。我爱 吃美国菜 (I hit 200 lbs. 对于的first time while home this holiday season). But that’在我生命中的这个阶段,这里真的是我所有的一切。我觉得在中国这么多 发生 对我来说。我学中文。我赚钱我旅行。我得到各种不错的工作机会。我约会我写我的书。我设计课程计划。我一直都在结交新朋友。一世’m不断吸收有关中国的新信息,并获得有关其文化的新见解。我的想象力在那里充满了一切可能性。当我’在美国,我觉得’ve exceeded my “visit duration”(大约2周),我’我只是停滞不前。一世’m ready to go back.

这次访问真是太好了,但我再次’m 中国 bound….




Home 对于圣诞, finally (part 3)

It was Paco who met me at 的airport. Why Paco, and not my 家庭?以及 我刚才提到,这个故事的一部分是“shrouded in mystery.”或者,也许更准确地说, 欺骗网. 让 me explain.

去年夏天,我想到了在2002年圣诞节期间进行一次令人惊讶的探访活动。2002年秋季学期开始时,我要求提前两个星期休假。这个还行吧’ed,但是我必须补课,或者安排其他方式教他们。威尔逊和我想出了一个计划,将我们的课程结合起来并进行多媒体演示(6 Friends episodes). I prepared 的instructional material 对于的multimedia classes with PowerPoint, so it was no extra work 对于Wilson. I get to go home, my students get a fun class, no one has extra classes to teach or make up. Perfect.

随着出发日期越来越近,我意识到我的计划存在缺陷。如果我的到来使我感到意外,我的家人会把礼物送给我,而我不会’直到2003年才能见到他们。或者也许他们将整个送礼时间推迟到他们知道他们会再见到我时为止。无论哪种情况,我都不’拿不到礼物(不好!),因为我要送礼物回家,他们可能会感到难过。 输入我的心计。

我联系了我的朋友 Illy和asked 对于her assistance. I had a part of 的plan. She fleshed it out nicely. My family could not help but be hoodwinked by our elegant 欺骗网!


计划。 Illy打电话给我妈妈,告诉她最近与她取得了联系“George,”Illy的共同前ELI学生朋友’和我的。显然,乔治很早以前就从ELI毕业,最近他在美国修完了硕士学位。碰巧的是,乔治是中国人,现在正准备在圣诞节前回家。它也是 就这样 乔治在坦帕(Tampa)地区有亲戚,他想探亲,然后才从坦帕(Tampa)飞回家。 Illy一直是贫穷的无车ELI和前ELI学生的摇钱树,因此’Illy会开车将George带到Tampa并带他去机场是很自然的事情。不过,伊利告诉我妈妈真是一个奇妙的巧合—艾莉(Illy)和乔治(George)可能会在12月22日或23日前停下来探访,并领取家人可能想寄给我的礼物。精彩。

乔治当然是虚构人物。艾莉会带我回家使我的父母感到惊讶。 输入并发症。

首先,我的航班有问题。原定于周六晚上(Illy和我的父母制定了计划),但后来被取消了(grrrrr!) and rescheduled 对于Sunday evening. Illy and George rescheduled accordingly.

在这一切期间,我得知我的好朋友Paco将从哈佛大学法学院访问。他很高兴能参与其中。本来 Dan was going to pick me up from 的airport, but 的switch to Sunday made it impossible 对于him. I thought maybe Illy could do it, but during that period I was having trouble getting in touch with Illy, so Paco became my ride from 的airport.

最初的惊喜是我的父母。艾米和恩典’星期天晚上回家。我原本打算藏在伊利’的行李箱,除了我的脸都被遮盖了,然后让伊莉敲了敲门,说她需要帮助,把从我那里买来的礼物带过来。我们可以把一个礼物包装的盒子盖放在我的脸上,当他们拿起它时, 惊喜! 事情是,我lly’我的后备箱太小了。一世’m not small. But 的back 座位s in her car fold down, connecting 的backseat space with 的trunk. So what I did was have my torso in 的trunk, and my legs folded in 的back 座位.

伊莉最终告诉我父母她带来了沉重的“piano accessory”为他们服务,而她需要他们两个人都可以帮助他们摆脱困境。 (她不能’不要说出汽车麻烦之类的话,因为那样只有我父亲会在外面。)我父亲有点可疑。他还刚刚给我在杭州的房间打电话,却没有得到答复。他在外面四处寻找惊喜。但是,后备箱使他措手不及,因为它太小了,无法容纳我,而且后备箱中被遮盖的形状只够我一半。他们不能’看一下行李箱与后座空间的连接方式。因此,当纸页脱落时,他们都非常惊讶和高兴见到我。到处都是笑声。 (我拒绝相信我父亲’怀疑非常深— 来吧! I was in 中国 对于的past 2 圣诞es. He had no basis 对于strong suspicion.)

Paco was hiding in 的front 座位, and when 的surprise was sprung on my parents in all its glory, he leaped out and snapped a few shots. “Oh, hi George!”我妈妈对他说。 (谢谢Paco!)

圣诞 Surprise

下一个惊喜是艾米。她有自己的公寓,但星期一晚上回家。她已经把一些东西储存在我的“empty”房间,当她回到家时,我父亲把她送回了那里,以清除她的一些东西。我在门后等着,在昏暗的房间里溜到她后面。当她转过身时,我正站在那儿。它 freakedhell out of her! First she was frightened, and then overwhelmed with joy. Her face went from terror to delight over 的span of a second or two. It was hilarious. She was even crying. Best reaction ever. No hard feelings or anything.

恩典’s flight came in from Germany 的next night (Christmas Eve). As usual, her flight was delayed (this always 发生在她身上—我们很生气她不得不在圣诞节前夕来。因此,艾米和我的父母站在一个醒目的地方,向她和她的朋友亚历克斯致意。我坐在不远处“reading”一张报纸。他们的小团圆后,我向那群人走去,仍然拿着报纸。一世“bumped”进入她,举止震惊地看到了她。她自己很震惊。这很有趣,但在艾米附近却并不有趣。

以便’s 的story. I had a great 圣诞 with my family. A lot of my friends are in town (my visit isn’t a surprise to them),然后’也很高兴看到他们。我是 太开心了 逃离杭州’即使在寒冷潮湿的冬季也要持续两个星期。它’s sunny here almost all 的time, and I wore short sleeves on 圣诞. And then there’s 的eggnog和的food… but I think I’ll stop here.




Home 对于圣诞, finally (part 2)

12月22日,星期日。 I get to 的airport at about 8:30am. Check-in goes smoothly. 不久我 ’在飞机上唯一的问题是,我被告知从上海到底特律的直飞航班实际上是在东京中途停留的航班。也许我会’至少不必下飞机,我就可以睡觉。我已经准备好了。


我像我们一样醒着’re arriving in Tokyo. I ask 的girl next to me if there was a meal. “Yes, she tried to wake you. It was like you were dead to 的world.” D’oh! 那好吧。一世 was dead to 的world. It’s 的best way to sleep.


The flight 星ts off pleasantly enough. To my left is a silent Asian man. To my right is a large Marine, headed home from Okinawa with his family 对于圣诞. His family is behind us. He seems nice enough.



我的痛苦被一种新的折磨打断了 圣诞老人是谁? — a “heart-warming” story of an amnesia-inflicted Santa who meets a selfish news reporter who needed a holiday change of heart. I watch 的whole thing. 我要死。

Wait —现在是E.J.再次责备我,我面前的朋友们以新的活力粉碎我的膝盖。 Now 我要死。

There are only two good points to 的flight. First, there seem to be an unusually large number of attractive women onboard. Not 座位ed next to me, of course, but they are on 的premises to give me something else to focus my attention on and help me pull through it. Thanks, ladies. Second, 的airline serves ice cream after 圣诞老人是谁? ends. 冰淇淋! 行。

事实证明,沉默的亚洲人是中国人,可以’弄清楚他的移民表格。我帮他我可以用中文帮助他,他似乎感到很惊讶。他的英语不’似乎太热了。我发现自己想知道他是否总是因为可口可乐而要可乐,或者因为’s all he can say.

Scooby Doo 的Movie comes on. Vowing not to make 的same mistake again, I refuse to put my earphones on. Still, my eyes stay glued to 的screen, however, and I’m soon angry over 的stupidity of 的film. I manage to sleep a little more.

Hope comes in 的form of 的second in-flight meal. Not only does it satisfy my hunger, but with it comes peace to 的whole plane, 对于a short time.

For 的remaining stretch E.J. tests my patience. But I hold out. 我不’t crack. We land.

Things 星t getting better after that, because I am actually in 的U.S.A. I have just eaten, but I decide to spend some of my 3-hour layover in Detroit eating。我得到炸玉米饼配薯条,辣调味汁和鳄梨调味酱蘸酱。您可以 not get that stuff in 中国! As I’我在吃东西时发现有人在吃辣椒芝士薯条,我 almost regret my choice of food. The discomforts of 的past 13 hours quickly fade into 的background as my stomach takes 的spotlight. Plus there are more hot women in 的Detroit airport. Hot 美国人 女人。行。

不久我 ’在我的最后一趟航班上,开往坦帕。仅仅是我的想象,还是每次飞行的腿部空间都在缩小?我的腿真的很不舒服,但至少这次飞行比较短。飞机从地面升起时,我凝视着整个景观。没雪看起来像棕褐色的世界,全是棕色,棕褐色,灰色,单调….

Despite 的short travel time, my level of discomfort seems to rise proportionately. It is all 我可以 do to keep from flipping out. 我可以’t sleep. I try to pass 的time with 的new issue of 经济学家. Biotechnology in 中国. Hmmmm… (Ouch, my knees!)

在里面 end, after 24 hours of travel, I make it. As I arrive at 的baggage claim, 的familiar face of Paco 向我打招呼。



Home 对于圣诞, finally (part 1)

My 圣诞 this year has been an event partially shrouded in mystery since 的summer. It was then that 的idea to surprise my whole family with a 圣诞 visit home began to formulate.

12月21日,星期六。 我原本打算最早在下午3点乘车去上海,但是当时’直到下午5:30我才终于登上门。我一直在买很多圣诞礼物,或者只是为我的两个星期做准备’放学。威尔逊热情地提议参加我的课程。他有个很好的主意,将我们所有的课程结合起来,并在那两个星期的晚上将它们扔到多媒体室。因此,我要做的就是计划内容,并将其放入一个精美的PowerPoint演示文稿中,然后将其刻录到CD上,并留在Wilson中’我离开的那天。

因此,我在下午5:30左右出门。它’像几天已经下雨了。我故意在过去两天没有穿过这双鞋,以确保它们’尽管我带了雨伞,但出门后10分钟之内要弄干我回家的衣服,然后再弄干。我们大楼一楼的警卫说,这该死的雨至少还要持续3-4天。我所能想到的是 I’ll be home soon….

我出去 Zhoushan 唐 g Road 刚好赶上出租车。然后’在一个灰暗潮湿的世界中跋涉30分钟后,我的滚动手提箱在这场不幸的事故中勉强地落后于我。我认为这是错误的:下午6点是出租车司机下班时,所以大约5:30左右,司机们都回到了车站,拒绝乘车,即使车空了,“vacant” light is on. It’在一天的这个时间几乎不可能打车,但是我在雨中站着一个沉重的手提箱,里面装满了礼物和一个背包, 我要回家了 Unfortunately, 的taxi drivers don’t seem to realize this. Empty cab after 空的 cab whizzes right by my wet, frantically flailing figure, my furious curses unheard.

最终,有人停止了。出于某种原因,当驾驶员下班时,他们会在上一次乘车之前先接一个朋友(?),然后在前往目的地的途中将他们的朋友下车,然后再去做这件事。它’绝对不是合法的,但他们都这样做。在雨中等待了30分钟之后,我’t going to complain.


所以我 finally arrive at 的East Bus Station. I loathe that place. It’s hard to explain exactly why, but 的scalpers that assail you before you’re even out of your taxi would definitely be high on 的list. 上海, 上海!的y yell in my face. The fact that I was actually bound 对于Shanghai makes them all 的more annoying.

When I get to 的ticket office, there is a small crowd outside, but no one inside. All 的ticket windows are closed up. “They’re closed,” 的scalpers gleefully announce, a grinning pack of vultures descending upon me. “Shanghai…”



我到上海认识我的朋友。我吃了晚饭。欣赏香港著名导演黄战kai’s movie 在里面 Mood 对于Love, and I gotta say, I am not impressed. Yeah, 我可以 see 的artsiness of 的cinematography. I suppose it is cleverly filmed. But in my mind no movie can be forgiven 对于failing in its primary function: 娱乐。这部电影及其无休止的游行 qipao 无聊

12月22日,星期日。 可能部分是由于 在里面 Mood 对于Love,我没有努力熬夜。我这样做是为了让我在进入佛罗里达州坦帕市的20多个小时的旅程中感到完全昏迷。我无意间睡了几个小时。这几个小时几乎使我迟到了机场。我匆匆离开。

我的朋友告诉我,因为到目前为止,我应该要求给机场20%的折扣。我知道在上海,您有时可以协商便宜的出租车费,但是根据我的经验,这只发生在晚上。因此,当我停下第一辆出租车时,遇到他并告诉他我想去浦东国际机场,并希望获得20%的折扣,因此驾驶员也感到有些惊讶。“In 的daytime?” he says. “I’ll give you 10% off.”

“Never mind,” I say, and 星t walking.

A minute later my luggage and I are in 的taxi. 20% off it is. It is 7:30am, and my flight leaves at 9:30am. It might be as much as an hour’s drive to 的airport. I am a little nervous.