中国豆荚 最近发表了一个名为 你为什么学中文? 课程内容本身很简单,但是却引起了社区的深思熟虑的回应。我特别喜欢明星用户 伯基’s response:

> Why? Work took me to China, and my first trip opened my eyes to a whole new world. I found China to be a fascinating surreal collision of Old and new, rich and poor, east and west, tradition and modernity, capitalism and communism, ancient wisdom and modern foolishness etc etc.

> The 语言 is beautiful, clever, compressed and elegant like a good math problem. The characters are not only a challenge but also elegant and beautiful, an art form 在 their own right, but also just systematic enough to appeal to the analyst 在 me.

> I found myself wanting to travel China and learn more and more. The people are wonderfully friendly, selfless and caring, generous to a fault, and just great hosts with hospitality second to none. As I sit at dinner with these folks, I want to “hear” what they are saying, feel what they are feeling” I want to participate 在 the conversation, I want to gather 以及 as share new ideas. I want to read, write, listen, and speak. I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of China. I want to be a part of the Chinese family. I want to be able to separate the old lies and prejudices from the modern truth.

> This is why I am learning Chinese, which has now become a wonderful and fascinating hobby. A bottomless pit from which I pluck new 在 formation, ideas, and unexpected “joys” on a daily basis. No end 在 site, and for that I am grateful. And then there is Cpod and the community that comes with. Priceless.

我喜欢RJ’之所以做出回应,部分原因是我真的可以认同这一点。他呼应了许多我一开始就被中文吸引的原因。 (当然,您发现住在中国 新原因 以及…)



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  1. It’关于态度的一切!积极的态度有助于实现一切。学过的知识。感谢分享。

  2. 它实际上非常富有诗意,感谢John引起我们的注意。

  3. 因为中国是世界的地方

  4. I’我也同样喜欢学习汉语,但是现在我需要一个居住在中国并使用它的理由!我有定量背景(理学学士)’似乎找不到机会…